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Spa Panta Rei, Alpine wellness centre

Relax and unwind in the elegant surroundings of the spa in DV Chalet hotel with its warm wooden furnishings. We have paid meticulous attention to every detail in the wellness centre to create a warm and luxurious environment, enhanced by the amber-coloured walls of Himalayan salt with Dead Sea salt cascades, and soft lighting, natural aromas and soothing background music. In the Panta Rei spa at DV Chalet you can rediscover your inner calm, relax and treat yourself to some ‘me time’, choosing from our assortment of wellness pathways.


Facilities Wellness centre

Indoor swimming pool with colour therapy, counter-current swimming pool and jacuzzi

We use a tiny amount of chlorine in our pool, the water enters the pool having already been sanitised by UV rays at a temperature of around 30°C

Finnish sauna

(80-90°C – 20% humidity) Hot Finnish sauna with low humidity level. Rapidly warms body temperature and through sweating promotes the elimination of toxins, stimulating metabolism and relaxing even the tensest of muscles. A session lasts 10-15 minutes. Frequency 2-3 sessions interspersed with 20 minutes of relaxation.

Turkish bath

(90-98% humidity – 40-50°C) the high humidity level will envelop your body in a delicate and aromatic mist infused with Alpine aromas. Duration 10-15 mins. Frequency no more than 1 or 2 times.

Himalayan salt grotto

With cascades and wafts of salt water from the Dead Sea, featuring water-heated sunbeds in a space decorated with amber-coloured Himalayan salt. It delivers the benefits of thalassotherapy. Recommended for improving your breathing and sleep. Relax on the water-heated sunbeds, take some deep breaths and enjoy the sounds of nature. 

Ice cascade

Ideal after spending time in the sauna or Turkish bath, with an invigorating effect that stimulates your body’s defences against changes in temperatureMint and eucalyptus, orange and lemon, the perfect combinations to reinvigorate and refresh your body and mind.

Relaxation area

Comfortable chaises longues on the poolside where you can relax, enjoying fresh and dried fruit and warm herbal teas.

Sensory shower and colour therapy

Mint and eucalyptus, orange and lemon, the perfect combinations to reinvigorate and refresh your body and mind. Shower with bursts of light. 
Two different water sources: aromatic mist infused with mint and eucalyptus and another cycle seasoned with orange and lemon. To truly stimulate your senses, you can use this shower at any time during your time in the spa.

Panta Rei wellness centre: etiquette, admission information

he wellness centre is a place for relaxation, recuperation and seeking an intimate relationship with ourselves. For these reasons, we ask you to speak quietly and to switch off your mobile phones. This will allow you to listen to the babbling water and the background music.

  • Swimming pool area: Swimming costumes and non-slip sandals are compulsory. We recommend you take a shower before using these areas;
  • Wet area: We ask you to not wear swimsuits made from synthetic fibres in the sauna or Turkish; Beach towels and single-use costumes are provided;
  • Children are permitted until 17:00 if accompanied by an adult;
  • Access to and use of the wet area facilities is only permitted for adult guests;


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