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A new hotel concept in Madonna di Campiglio

Charme & luxury hotel in the mountains for your dream holiday in Italy.

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Charme & luxury hotel in the mountains for your dream holiday in Italy.
DV Chalet is the ultimate charme hotel in the Dolomites, authentic and welcoming, it's perfect for your holiday in Madonna di Campiglio.
Stay at the DV Chalet Boutique Hotel & Spa in Madonna di Campiglio and embrace a new philosophy in contemporary luxury.

Spaces, rooms, nature, quality, people: the focus is on hospitality

It all starts with our first encounter... natural materials, atmosphere, a well-lit environment, poetry inscribed on the walls of the rooms, historic design furnishings, aromas of apple and vanilla, the flicker of candle light, little unexpected touches… creating a unique atmosphere for your stay in Madonna di Campiglio - there can be no doubt that everything is focussed on our guests.

Superior Italian and international cuisine

From chef Enrico Croatti to chef Fabio Groppi both are adept at transforming natural products into exceptional dishes, paying particular attention to taste, cooking method and healthiness.

Hotel with SPA in the Dolomites for the ultimate body care

In keeping with the hotel's philosophy, the Panta Rei Spa uses selected organic ingredients for its body care products: pure wellbeing from the gifts that nature so generously lavishes on us.

Your wellbeing is the greatest satisfaction

We are all unique and special. This is our philosophy and we welcome our guests in the knowledge that everyone has their own particular interests, needs and concerns ... all that remains is for us to invite you to join us.



New experiences, wellbeing and sport on holiday in Madonna di Campiglio

Hospitality in Red, Green & White: Made in Italy

Red for the heart, white for the peaks and green for our desires: a genuine Italian welcome for our guests.

We have chosen only the very best of all the experiences that can be enjoyed on holiday - summer or winter - in Madonna di Campiglio in the Dolomite mountains, Trentino. Choose your very own DV Experience and enjoy a memorable tailor-made holiday:

Explore Trentino’s natural world and choose your favourite sport!

Original cuisine in the best restaurant in Madonna di Campiglio

Relaxation, wellbeing and exquisite beauty treatments!

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Via Castelletto Inferiore 10
38086 Madonna di Campiglio
t +39 0465 443191 f +39 0465 446668