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Excellent SPA treatments at Madonna di Campiglio

Take a wellness journey in Trentino and let yourself be lulledby expert hands into complete relaxation

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The DV Chalet is an exclusive Italian boutique hotel offering wellness holidays in Madonna di Campiglio: professional staff, personalised service, the ultimate in refinement, top quality products… for a unique wellness experience every time in an exclusive hotel in Madonna di Campiglio in the Dolomites.

2 panoramic treatment rooms with natural light, 1 body treatment room featuring the exclusive "Nuvola" water bed.  

Forget about standard spa treatments, at the DV Chalet we recognised that everyone is unique with their own specific needs!



Prestigious international brands

  • NaturaBissè: of Barcellona, captures the essence of luxury and world technology. Efficacy, innovation and quality: NaturaBissè products are the PantaRei Beauty Farm'strump card. These products are so exclusive that the brand is available only in the world's most luxurious, élite beauty salons.
  • Phytomer: immerse yourself in the world of marine cosmetics with professional treatments universally recognized for quality and originality. Offer your skin the benefits of the marine world with the best products made from seawater, seaweed and coastal plants. Ocean, science, beauty.
  • Vitalis Dr. Joseph: great care is taken to maintain the integrity of the raw materials making this brand one of the most sought-after among guests who love all that is natural. Essential oils, herbs and muds are the finest examples of what nature can give to phytocosmetics.


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New experiences, wellbeing and sport on holiday in Madonna di Campiglio

Hospitality in Red, Green & White: Made in Italy

Red for the heart, white for the peaks and green for our desires: a genuine Italian welcome for our guests.

We have chosen only the very best of all the experiences that can be enjoyed on holiday - summer or winter - in Madonna di Campiglio in the Dolomite mountains, Trentino. Choose your very own DV Experience and enjoy a memorable tailor-made holiday:

Explore Trentino’s natural world and choose your favourite sport!

Original cuisine in the best restaurant in Madonna di Campiglio

Relaxation, wellbeing and exquisite beauty treatments!

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